Traditional Shoemaking at its finest.
Classic styling, made to last.
in Scotland. Worn around the world.

The company is owned by Graeme Longair who has over eighteen years’ experience in the Ghillie Brogue market industry.
We have listened to our customers’ needs with regards to Ghillie Brogues and Day Brogues for the kilt industry and to this end we have turned their requests into reality.
At Jamie Alexander we have returned to traditional shoe-making techniques and we offer Goodyear-welted Ghillies and Day Brogues at unbelievably keen prices.

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  • Goodyear-welted shoes are considered the bench mark in shoe construction. The top manufacturers of men’s shoes in the world normally opt for the Goodyear-welted technique in the construction of their shoes. This construction gives excellent water resistance, comfort and life to the shoes.
  • All our Ghillie Brogues which are Goodyearwelted are all hand sewn and the end result is a fine quality shoe which is built to last.
  • Our other leather soled Ghillie Brogues and Day Brogues also boast fully a stitched leather sole which is stitched right through to the insole of the shoe called “Blake stitching”. The benefit of this method of construction is that the risk of the sole separating from the upper is virtually non-existent thereby giving these shoes an incredibly long life.
  • Most of our heel units are made from high density natural materials and the top piece on the heel is made from hard wearing rubber, with the added advantage of a steel quarter tip. Tom had the steel quarter tip incorporated into Ghillie Brogues as far back as 1992. This addition to the Ghillie Brogue has now become the norm with most Ghillie Brogue manufacturers.
  • At Jamie Alexander we only use the finest materials as all the leathers we use are full thickness. We do NOT use bonded leather which is a sheet of leather board covered with a thin top piece of leather.
  • We have a dedicated team of craftsmen making our Ghillie Brogues and Day Brogues
  • We believe we have catered for practically all the needs of the kilt industry in terms of footwear demonstrated by our extensive range of products.